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Artist transforms old machine parts into stunning 'Star Wars' sculptures

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Upcycled Darth Vader (GABRIEL DISHAW)
Upcycled Darth Vader (GABRIEL DISHAW)

Gabriel Dishaw is an artist that uses discarded parts from typewriters, machines, and old computers to create some truly beautiful pieces of art — including takes on several iconic characters from Star Wars. Dishaw has created a number of unique permutations on Darth Vader by adding found parts to the familiar helmet, including a capacitor-encrusted model and a Sith Lord / tank hybrid made from adding machines and airplane parts.


C-3PO also gets the "upcycled" treatment, with a retro-futuristic piece dubbed "C-3PO Woody" striking an aesthetic balance somewhere between Blade Runner and Brazil. While many of the pieces have been sold, several are available for purchase — but they don't come cheap, running between $800 and $1,000. If you love Star Wars and fascinating new takes on familiar characters, you'l want to give Dishaw's work a look.