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Ford wants to clog the nation's asphalt arteries with a bacon-wrapped car

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Bacon wrapped Ford
Bacon wrapped Ford

Bacon's popularity has gone through the roof in recent years (despite the fact that some think it's destroying the planet), and now Ford is getting in on the craze in a truly bizarre fashion. To celebrate National Bacon Day on August 31st, the car company apparently wrapped its Fiesta model in 10 bacon decals — the car's paint job is almost entirely obscured by images of fried bacon. Of course, Ford is getting another benefit from this promotion — the bacon wrap is also designed to show off its Ford Custom Graphics program. Fiesta owners can pony up for the full 10-strip treatment, but Ford is also offering some less-ostentatious options, like dual strips on the hood or a bacon strip around the wheel well.

Even more bizarre, the design got an official "thumbs-up" from the CEO of Benton's Country Hams: "This car just makes so much sense," Benton said. The Ford Fiesta's marketing manager apparently thinks that the hip, youthful, urban crowd the company is trying to target will love a bacon-wrapped vehicle, as well. "It's just awesome to drive down the road in a piece of bacon," says Liz Elser. Truly, it's hard to argue with that logic — but we think it wouldn't hurt Ford to offer some vegetarian-friendly alternatives, as any fine dining establishment should.