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The sounds of high speed trading: making stock moves into music

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Wealth Transfer
Wealth Transfer

High-frequency trading has been an issue for the stock market and the SEC for some time now, but one enterprising artist decided to use those trades as an inspiration for a rather unique music project. Geraldine Juárez at Simple Mechanisms used the pattern of stock market fluctuations as a musical waveform and pressed the output onto a 10-inch vinyl record. The resulting tunes are surprisingly listenable, considering they were created from stock market changes — though the songs only add up to less than two minutes of music. Beyond the actual music, it's quite a creative piece of engineering — Juárez took the stock fluctuations and printed them on transparency paper, and then drew them into an unspecified piece of music software. Given the fact that the market is always on the move, we're hoping Juárez attempts to put together a whole album full of music programmed by fluctuating stocks.