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Meet the hacker fighting back against the Syrian Electronic Army

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WIKIPEDIA Syrian flag
WIKIPEDIA Syrian flag

The Syrian Electronic Army has gained notoriety this year for its attacks on Western media institutions it perceives as showing bias against the regime of Bashar al-Assad; just this week it claimed responsibility for taking down the New York Times website and disrupting Twitter service. But one man is "not impressed at all" with the group's actions and abilities, and recently contacted The Washington Post about hacks he claims to have performed in the opposite direction.

Going by the pseudonym "Oliver Tucket," the hacker says he has gained access to documents stored on administration servers, and this weekend wrested control of the domain, redirecting visitors to the Drudge Report and an Israeli government website. "While this is pale and rather insignificant in comparison to what is happening on the ground in Syria," Tucket says, "this is my very small contribution to their struggle."