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CollegeHumor's tech ad spoof is funny because it's true

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College Humor every tech commercial (College Humor)
College Humor every tech commercial (College Humor)

We pretty much all know the formula: catchy indie rock music, stupidly fast video editing, young people with enviously creative jobs, and smiling children. These are the elements that make up the majority of tech industry TV ads nowadays. CollegeHumor has brought each of these ingredients together for its own spoof called "Every Tech Commercial" — and the comedy website has nailed it.

The CollegeHumor short is so spot-on, that it feels like you could tweak the dialogue, place a gadget in an actor's hands, and have an actual ad for a smartphone, social network, or corporate IT company. We've embedded a few real-world ads below, just in case you need some convincing.