The internet was always supposed to give us a hassle-free way to store and manage our stuff — but in practice, even storing photos and videos has remained a massive headache. Just as services like Apple’s Photo Stream have popularized the power of cloud storage, they have also revealed its limitations. Huge RAW image sizes, duplicate photos, 1080p videos, and years of library database bloat were all good reasons to just leave the photos sitting on your hard drive — and pray the drive didn’t stop working before you backed it all up.

But as the price of storage has fallen, and broadband access has become more pervasive, more and more companies are competing to make the cloud the default place to store your memories. For a few dollars a month and a few hours of upload time, you get features unavailable on most free desktop photo-editing software — and the peace of mind that comes with a cloud backup. These aren’t just for pros lugging around DSLRs, either: many of these services are fantastic options for even the most casual photographers looking to back up the photos from your phone. And they’re all better than Facebook for organizing, managing, and even just storing all your shots. So which app is the best for storing and accessing all your media from any device?

We’ll take you through 10 top services, from household names like Dropbox to newcomers like Everpix, highlighting each service’s best features while calling out any deal-breakers along the way. All of these services “work,” but depending on what you’re looking for (e.g. RAW support, a search bar, and even adaptive mobile video streaming) one option might be best for you. But don’t worry, we’ll list our favorites, as well as a chart at the bottom of the page for breakdowns of key features and details, compared app by app.