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Hit iOS game 'Badland' is coming to Android and BlackBerry 10

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The iOS game Badland wowed us with its simple but challenging gameplay, so much so that we made it one of our Best New Apps. Now, the game's developer has announced that it's bringing the title to Android and BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

In Badland, you control your character, a little sooty blob, by tapping or holding your finger on the screen. You'll navigate complex levels, picking up powerups that generate clones of yourself, increase or decrease your size, and change the way you interact with objects. The goal is to make it through to the other end of the level with as many clones as you can. We love it, and given its high rating in the App Store, it's pretty clear others do to. There's no timeline for a release just yet, with the only guidance being "when they're ready."