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Small Empires: 3D printing from Bacon to Narwhals with Shapeways

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Small Empires Shapeways
Small Empires Shapeways

"A company within a company." That's the story of Shapeways, a startup that began in an incubator within Dutch conglomerate, Philips. And Shapeways itself is something of an incubator — a 3D-printing marketplace that allows for others to make a business out of their work.

Small Empires is our new weekly show that visits rising New York City startups and provides never-before-seen access to the men and women building our future. Join Alexis Ohanian as he talks to Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen, as well as Shapeways artist / cufflinks aficionado Peter Knocke, whose work is made via Shapeways. (Note: this is our mid-season break. We won't be back next week, but we'll see you soon!)

Bonus: check out a replay of our post-show broadcast with Alexis Ohanian, showrunner Stephen Greenwood, and The Verge's business reporter Ben Popper!