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NFL settles concussion lawsuits for $765 million

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According to a breaking AP report, the NFL has reached an agreement with more than 4,500 players to settle its concussion-related lawsuits for $765 million. The plaintiffs in the suits had claimed the NFL failed to adequately protect them from concussions and other head injuries, actively concealing the prevalence of those injuries from both NFL players and the public at large. The settlement would also protect the NFL against admission of wrongdoing or further discovery of internal NFL files.

Recent technology has diagnosed widespread brain trauma in NFL players, but the league has maintained that safe, legal play shouldn't result in brain damage. At the same time, helmet technology has struggled to keep pace with the NFL's safety claims, and many of the lawsuits had unearthed embarrassing number-fudging in concussion-reduction studies undertaken by the league. The current settlement is the result of months of mediation between players and the NFL, but the terms are still tentative, awaiting approval by the presiding judge.