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Here's how Skype-powered voice chat sounds on Xbox One

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Microsoft has said that voice chat over Xbox One will sound noticeably superior to that of the Xbox 360, and today it's offering up audio samples to prove it. Xbox spokesperson Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) has posted a side-by-side comparison to illustrate just how dramatic the difference is. And although each clip is only three seconds in length, the boost in quality is immediately apparent. As for how Microsoft pulled off the upgrade, it's a two-pronged approach. First, the Xbox One takes advantage of Skype's audio codec, which Hyrb says "has a proven track record of high-quality voice through billions of hours of use."

But there's also new hardware at play here. "The Xbox One wireless controller’s new expansion port dramatically expands the data transfer rate between the controller and console," Hyrb says. Audio is both captured and rendered at 24 KHz PCM. That's a 50 percent jump in capture rate and three times the rendering rate of the 360. Technical jargon aside, it ultimately means things sound a whole lot better. The improved audio will be available system-wide, whether you're on a Skype call or deep in a multiplayer gaming session. And since an Xbox One headset is now bundled with every console, it's a benefit everyone will experience on day one.