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Bang With Friends returns to iOS as the modestly named Down

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bang with friends
bang with friends

Bang With Friends has finally returned to Apple's App Store after being removed in May, but it's doing so on much more modest terms than it came in on. The hookup app, which anonymously connects people through Facebook, is changing its name exclusively on iOS to the more ambiguous "Down," likely referring to the primary action that users do on it: press a big, red button that reads "down to bang" to signify which friends they're interested in. Bang With Friends has also reworked that button to simply read "I'm down" on iOS, leaving what users choose to do when connecting through the newly desexualized app up to their own imagination.


Bang With Friends' original title screen.

The app was ostensibly removed from the store because Apple disapproved of its risqué subject matter, though an official reason wasn't publicly given at the time. Apple has a history of pulling iOS apps that don't conform to its ever-changing rule set — even when it's already admitted them in — and Bang With Friends was seemingly among the latest to catch its attention. But Apple hasn't been the only company that the app developer has been struggling with of late: Zynga filed suit against the developers in July, claiming that the app infringes on its trademark for the phrase "with friends." Despite the suit, that phrase hasn't gone away on anything but iOS, and web and Android users can still partake in all of the uncensored fun.