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See how NIN brought its massive live production from conception to reality

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NIN live 2013
NIN live 2013

When the "reinvented" Nine Inch Nails hit the road at the end of July, its first tour since 2009, it did so with a massive stage production that the group designed specifically for three weeks of festival shows — all of the rest of the NIN tour will feature an entirely different presentation. Vevo and NIN have just released a video documenting how the massive presentation came to be, including the music, video, lights, and the show's hallmark: a set of video displays that are moved continuously throughout the presentation by the band's crew. Vevo's documentary goes deep behind the technology and design required to bring such an ambitious show from conception to execution.

Nearly everyone involved in the production — from Trent Reznor and his band to the lighting and video designers to the physical stage crew — weigh in on the stress of pulling the show together. And while this version of the NIN live show will go into mothballs before long, the band is putting together an even more elaborate show for its headlining arena tour that kicks off next month. In the meantime, check out a free iTunes stream of NIN's new album.