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Microsoft reportedly talking to Foursquare about a 'strategic investment'

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Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley at SXSW 2013.

Microsoft is reportedly in talks to invest in the location check-in and recommendation service Foursquare, with those conversations said to be in the "advanced stage." According to Bloomberg News, Microsoft isn't the only company Foursquare is in discussions with, and the talks with Microsoft might not actually lead to a deal despite the talks being beyond the preliminary phase. This comes just a day after the company released new apps for Windows 8 computers and tablets, a move that was originally announced back in June. There are no details yet on what exactly this "strategic investment" will encompass, but it wouldn't surprise us if Microsoft wanted to partner Foursquare's vast database with its Bing services — particularly maps. Foursquare had no comment on the rumors, and we've reached out to Microsoft and will update with any information we learn.