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Aereo reportedly coming to Android in September

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Aereo (STOCK)
Aereo (STOCK)

Aereo is heading to Android. The company that has ruffled feathers in the TV industry by letting consumers stream live, local programming without a cable subscription will launch an app for Google's mobile operating system in September. That's according to CEO Chet Kanojia, who spoke to The International Business Times today. It's been a long time coming; Kanojia said Aereo had initially aimed to have an Android app available last summer, but clearly that target didn't stick. Since debuting in cities like New York City, Boston, and Atlanta, Aereo has laid out aggressive plans for expansion to new regions across the US.

The company, which lets customers access over-the-air TV broadcasts pulled in by its thousands of dime-sized antennas, has also been embroiled in legal battles with various networks — though courts have largely ruled in its favor to this point. Aereo has even gained an unexpected ally in Time Warner Cable. Much to the chagrin of CBS, the cable provider has recommended that customers affected by an ongoing programming blackout give the service a try. Presently Aereo can be viewed via supported web browsers on desktop and mobile Safari on iOS, but thankfully it won't be long before you Android cord cutters can join the fray.