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AT&T's no-contract Aio Wireless available nationwide in September

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aio wireless
aio wireless

AT&T is taking its T-Mobile competitor Aio Wireless nationwide. The no-contract prepaid service is currently only available in Florida, Texas, Metro-Atlanta, and Chicago, but beginning in mid-September, everyone in the country will be able to buy service from Aio online, the company announced today. Service runs between $40 and $70 a month, depending on the plan, and a limited-time offer gives new subscribers a free month of service if they sign up before September 29th.

It’s clear that AT&T sees the value in T-Mobile’s no-contract proposition, but earlier this week it got some flak for trying to model Aio a little too closely after its competitor. T-Mobile sued AT&T for allegedly copying the magenta color used in its marketing, saying that the choice was “likely to… create initial interest confusion.”