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Explore a cult classic with interactive 'Shaun of the Dead' screenplay

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Shaun of The Dead screenplay
Shaun of The Dead screenplay

In the lead-up to the release of the duo's latest movie, The World's End, Focus Features has released an interactive version of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's Shaun of the Dead screenplay. Also available as a standard PDF, the screenplay features hand-written pages, storyboards, illustrations, behind the scenes photos, interviews with the cast, and excerpts from some of the movie's iconic scenes, including the intro, Shaun and Ed's garden encounter with a zombie, and the pair's drunken rendition of Grandmaster Flash's White Lines, featuring a zombie on backup vocals.

It's fairly unusual for a producer / distributor to release a screenplay for free, especially one so rich with additional content — such things are usually saved for DVD or Blu-ray extras, and the release will likely go down well with the movie's cult following. You can view the interactive screenplay online from Focus Features' site, or download the PDF directly from the source link below. Pegg and Wright's The World's End, which also features long-time collaborator Nick Frost alongside other British stars such as The Hobbit's Martin Freeman, is coming to US theaters August 23rd.