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Japanese toilet users vulnerable to Bluetooth bidet assaults

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satis toilet
satis toilet

High-tech Japanese toilets are vulnerable to attack from their manufacturer's own Android app. As The Atlantic reports, a security advisory from researchers at Trustwave says all Inax Satis Bluetooth toilets have the same Bluetooth PIN ("0000") hardcoded, allowing anyone with the My Satis Android app to control any toilet within range.

What can you do with the app? Apart from activating the flush and checking in on the detailed defecation records stored by the commode, you can also activate the toilet's bidet and drying functions, summoning a jet of water or hot air from below. Trustwave has attempted to inform Inax of the flaw three times since its discovery in June, and is only now making the vulnerability public. We've reached out to Inax USA for comment on the revelation, and will update this article accordingly.