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Texas is running out of lethal injection drug

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Texas' entire stockpile of pentobarbital, the drug used for lethal injections, will expire within a matter of weeks. The state, which since 1982 has executed almost five times more inmates than any other, reportedly has enough stock to execute three more prisoners — provided the executions take place before the drug expires in September — and is having trouble finding a source for the drug. According to Richard Dieter, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center, an anti-death penalty organization, drug manufacturers, many of them based in Europe, don't want to participate in executions, and have "clamped down" on exports to the US. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice tells the Associated Press that it currently has no backup plan for when the drug expires, but notes that it's "exploring all options." For more on Texas' plight, and the problems other states have faced in procuring lethal drugs, head to The Atlantic.