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'Waterworld' was a massive flop, right?

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After a poor opening in the US, The Wolverine has been derided as a flop by many observers. But domestic takings are, more often than not, less than half of the story. Worldwide, the $120 million production has already made upwards of $165 million, and with many weeks left before the movie trickles out of theaters, it's likely to make Fox a tidy profit, even after the company's marketing spend is taken into account. Forbes contributor Scott Mendelson has taken a look at several high-profile "flops," revealing that many didn't perform all that badly. Take Kevin Costner's post-apocalyptic Waterworld, as an example. Probably the most famous flop in recent memory, the post-apocalyptic movie took just $88 million at the US box office, despite its massive (for 1995) production spend. With international takings covering the movie's entire budget, however, it's likely that Universal didn't lose any money on what was admittedly a questionable film.