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Ping elected officials every time your commute sucks with the 'I'm Stuck' app

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New York City Subway Bryant Park (STOCK)
New York City Subway Bryant Park (STOCK)

"Call your representative!" We've all heard it before, but actually picking up the phone (or shooting over an email) is always harder than it looks. Infrastructure advocacy group Building America’s Future wants to make that process a bit easier so citizens can let their representatives know that the country's transportation system isn't as good as it should be. With a free new iOS and Android app called "I'm Stuck," users can quickly send an email when the subway is letting them down or when traffic on the highway is a mess.

The app takes in a bit of info — like your address — when you use it the first time so it knows which representative or senator to send your complaint to. Then, when you get stuck in a transportation mess, you can choose the type of problem you're having and then send a pre-generated or custom email to Washington. You can also send a photo of your problem. Smartly, the app uses your location so it'll send your email to the right place if you have a problem while you're away from home.

If the advocacy group gets its way, the result will be a deluge of emails into representatives' and senators' inboxes. Former Pennsylvannia Governor and co-chair of Building America's Future, Edward G. Rendell, said that "The harassment would amount to a permission slip for Congress to do something about it," according to The Washington Post. He added that spending money on transportation infrastructure is supported on both sides of the aisle in Washington, but "the problem is that nobody has the courage to vote for it... We’re trying to use this [app] as a permission to elected officials, a way of saying to them, it’s okay to support investment in infrastructure." New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger chair the advocacy group alongside Rendell.