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Remotely use a GUI on Ubuntu Server for Minecraft administration?


I'm wondering if it is possible to remotely connect to my computer, running Ubuntu Server, and start a GUI that interacts with it. This way, I have a GUI and the machine running Ubuntu Server does not take a performance hit. I currently have Ubuntu Server installed and I am wanting to run a Minecraft server on it.

I originally ran a vanilla server in Windows. I would run the server, and also run the client on the same system. I decided I wanted to make a dedicated system and chose Ubuntu Server for performance reasons. This is the first time I've ever strictly used a command line. I've figured out how to installed Java, Minecraft, type in the necessary commands to run minecraft and have my friends and I connect.

Ultimately, I'd like to set up a server that automatically backs up the Minecraft directory on a scheduled basis to a external drive. I'm also interested in setting up a non-vanilla server with more features.

I have PuTTY on my Windows machine, but don't fully understand how to use it. I have a Windows laptop, and a desktop running Windows/Xubuntu. I consider myself a novice with Linux, but don't mind learning to accomplish this. I don't personally know anyone who has this kind of knowledge, so it has been a slow and tedious process.

If what I am asking isn't possible, recommendations on alternatives would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!