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HTC's Mini+ and Fetch are this year's strangest smartphone accessories

HTC's Mini+ and Fetch are this year's strangest smartphone accessories

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HTC Mini Plus and Fetch (verge stock)
HTC Mini Plus and Fetch (verge stock)

We're at an HTC event in London today taking a look a pair of the company's new smartphone accessories. First up is the Fetch, a Bluetooth tag that helps you keep track of your phone. To locate your phone, you can just press the button on the Fetch to make a paired phone ring. HTC says it has a maximum range of 15 meters (just under 50 feet), although that figure will likely be considerably reduced if you're indoors.

You can set Fetch to make your phone beep if left behind

As well as helping you locate your phone after the fact, the Fetch can also be paired to make your phone beep if it's left behind. Thanks to the use of low-power Bluetooth 4.0, HTC claims the Fetch's battery is good for six months on a single charge. There's no official price or release date for the tag yet, but British retailer Clove has it listed for pre-order at £24.99 (roughly $39) excluding sales tax, and HTC tells us it'll be available before the year is out.

HTC Mini+ and Fetch hands-on gallery


The Mini+ is like a Bluetooth headset in the shape of a phone. It's the sequel to the original Mini, and lets you take and place calls using your smartphone's connection after pairing through NFC or Bluetooth. It also has a built-in laser pointer and can be configured to control TV via an app, just like the HTC One. If you're one of the few people invested in HTC's accessory ecosystem, the miniaturized phone can also act as a remote control for your Media Link HD streamer. The Mini+ will be released this winter, but pricing has yet to be announced.

Vlad Savov contributed to this report.