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The Verge Playlist: Better to burn out

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Built to Spill / Adam Johns Image Credit
Built to Spill / Adam Johns Image Credit

You had it. You knew them before they got big. You saw them live, before they got soft. You were scene. You had a song for every occasion. You kept up. You would never be that person who only listened to music that was 20 years old. You missed a show. You missed every show. You got a cat. You had a kid. You traded newness for nostalgia. You accepted it. You turned up the car stereo, alone, remembering.

  1. Wrong — Archers of Loaf
  2. Unsung — Helmet
  3. Car — Built to Spill
  4. In Circles — Sunny Day Real Estate
  5. Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset — Modest Mouse
  6. Mirrorfull — Jawbox
  7. Down in Flames — Semisonic
  8. Motor Away — Guided by Voices
  9. I Am Forsaken — Tina and the B-Sides
  10. Meccano — Burning Airlines
  11. A Life of Possibilities — The Dismemberment Plan
  12. Roseability — Idlewild
  13. Nice, Nice — Lifter Puller
  14. Why You'd Want to Live Here — Death Cab for Cutie
  15. Plea From a Cat Named Virtue — The Weakerthans
  16. Me and Mia — Ted Leo & The Pharmacists