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Casio's ready to battle Samsung, Sony, and anyone else looking for smartwatch supremacy

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casio gb-6900aa
casio gb-6900aa

Casio CEO Kazuo Kashio is sending a clear message to Samsung, Apple, and any other company considering a move into smartwatches: "we're prepared." Speaking with the New York Times, Kashio notes that "suddenly, everyone's discovered the wrist," referencing the recent onslaught of smartwatches from Pebble, Sony, and others. "We've known for a long time it's prime real estate. We're prepared."

The market is ready for a smarter smartwatch

Amid the constant Apple iWatch rumor mill, Samsung has been readying the world for its first Android-based smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear. The Korean manufacturer, which sells more smartphones than any other company, has confirmed that the watch will be unveiled during a September 4th Samsung event at the IFA consumer electronics conference in Berlin. Samsung has been dabbling in smartwatches for a long time, but the successful release of the Kickstarter-backed Pebble has opened the door for a smarter smartwatch.

Both Motorola and Sony have released smartwatches in recent years, and Sony recently unveiled its SmartWatch 2 to lukewarm response. Samsung's model is expected to operate in a similar manner to Sony's, with most of the configuration taking place through an Android management app. Apple, as you'd expect, has been coy about its plans to enter the market, with perhaps the clearest hint being a statement by CEO Tim Cook back in April hinting the company was readying to enter an "exciting new product category."