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Moto X price will reportedly drop to $100 on contract this winter

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Multiple wooden back options coming before the end of the year as well

Moto X in hand (1024px)
Moto X in hand (1024px)

As if the Moto X wasn't already one of the best options for US Android phone buyers, Google's own-brand phone is now rumored to be fated for a price cut as well. Prolific leaker evleaks has just tweeted his prognostication that the Moto X will fall to $100 on contract — presumably across all carriers, it's presently available for $199.99 on AT&T and Verizon— before the end of this year. Furthermore, he puts a $50 price on the wooden back options that everyone's been hankering for since the X's announcement, and throws in a picture of four different variants.

The X has only just spread its wings from its AT&T start with Verizon availability and is expected to very soon be available on all American carriers. That's all well and good for the United States, however international fans of the phone will have to remain sideline observers for now — Motorola itself told The Verge that it has no plans for releasing the Moto X in Europe.