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Beautiful collaborative artwork from illustrator and her 4-year-old daughter

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What happens when a professional illustrator collaborates with a 4-year-old? When Mica Angela Hendricks pulled out her sketchbook in front of her daughter, she found out. "I’m all about kid’s crafts, but when it comes to my own art projects, I don’t like to share," says Hendricks on her blog. "Since she was engrossed in her own project, I thought I might be able to pull it off... I should've known better."

On seeing the sketchbook, Hendricks' daughter scuttled over and began to lecture her mother on the virtues of sharing, eventually winning the right to contribute. The result of her daughter's intervention? A charming set of illustrations that blends the seasoned and amateur artists' styles perfectly, combining a detailed human face with a dinosaur's body.

"I loved what she drew... and she loved being a part of it," Hendricks explains, adding that her daughter would ask for more heads to add to each morning. The conclusion? "In sharing my artwork and allowing our daughter to be an equal in our collaborations, I helped solidify her confidence, which is way more precious than any doodle I could have done." For more examples of their beautiful work, head to Hendricks' blog.