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Pope Francis shows up in a selfie

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Pope Francis Selfie
Pope Francis Selfie

The selfie has made it all the way to the top. On Wednesday worlds collided when Pope Francis posed with a group of Italian teenagers and got caught in a self-portrait taken with one of the teens' cellphones. Unfortunately the Pope — known for his outgoing nature and his departures from papal conventions — didn't capture the selfie himself, and he hasn't published it on his Twitter feed.

It seems the teenagers, who were part of a group visiting from an Italian diocese, decided a grainy shot from a front-facing cellphone camera would be the best way to photograph their encounter with the pope himself at St. Peter's Basilica. Thankfully a journalist has published the photo online for us all to be a part of this moment, and a photographer was on hand to record just how the selfie went down. The teenagers' decision may not have made for the best photo, but it has made it a good week for the humble selfie: the term just made it into the Oxford Dictionaries Online.