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You should be listening to all these podcasts

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We pick the best so you don't have to

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Two weeks ago Apple announced that podcast subscriptions in the iTunes Store had hit the one billion mark, and to celebrate the occasion Apple assembled a greatest hits list of sorts. And while it's hard to find fault with Cupertino's choices, it seemed like an appropriate time to piece together a list of our own.

What follows is a collection of recommended podcasts contributed by the Verge staff. We've broken things down by category to make the list easier to parse. Our own picks aside, we'd love to hear about your favorite podcasts. And if your choice is already included, don't hesitate to recommend a particular episode or interview that struck a chord.

The Verge


Did you know that we make podcasts? Sure you did, and you also know that The Vergecast and The Verge Mobile Show are available weekly in audio and video flavors. Did you know that Top Shelf, On The Verge, and 90 Second of The Verge are all watchable from within any podcast app that can play back video? Perhaps not.

Technology / Gaming


The Vergecast and The Verge Mobile Show have everything you need when it comes to the week's tech and mobile news. But there are plenty of other podcasts that are also worth your time. There's a reason hosts like John Gruber, Marco Arment, and Leo Laporte have amassed loyal audiences, after all.



Radiolab continues to impress with its innovative approach to podcasting and experimentation with the audio medium. And Star Talk Radio is essential for the stargazers among you. It's hosted by our friend Neil deGrasse Tyson. Need we say more?



There's more to life than news and gadgets, and the shows below do a great job of telling stories that might otherwise slip past your radar. Of course, no list would be complete without This American Life but serial podcaster Jesse Thorn's Bullseye also scores big with interviews with personalities from the worlds of film, music, comedy, and everywhere in between.



Podcasting has helped catapult the careers of comedians both young (Chris Hardwick) and old (Marc Maron). Adam Carolla has also found enormous success with his show, and Jeff Garlin's interview podcast is a newer favorite of ours.

Arts / Film / Music


It's hard to complain about NPR's music podcasts, especially the free, often full-length concerts regularly offered up to listeners. Beyond that, other selections below take you behind the scenes at Pixar, and 99% Invisible should be considered required listening for design fans.

News / Politics / History


Think you've got a good handle on all that went on in the world this week? Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me will put your knowledge to the test. And short, information-rich podcasts from How Stuff Works are a great way to learn something new.



What good are podcasts without some shiny apps to listen to them with? Of course, every platform has its own podcast solution, but here are our favorite third party apps for each. Got an amazing app we've left out? Let us know about it in comments.