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Feedly Pro to offer article search, Evernote integration, and more for $5 per month (update)

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Feedly mobile
Feedly mobile

Google Reader replacement Feedly has finally taken the wraps off its premium feeds service today. For $5 per month (or $45 annually), Feedly Pro will offer article search, secure browsing through HTTPS, the ability to one-click save to Evernote, and support priority. Although all of the features are welcome, article search has been notably absent from the service, with both Feedly and Digg opting to save search for premium subscriptions. The changes won't affect the availability of the free version of Feedly, which will continue to run as normal.

"Feedly Pro makes us more sustainable and enables us to innovate faster."

At launch this fall, the premium add-ons will work through the web, but Feedly is adding the new features to its API, so third-party developers will be able to add support to their offerings soon. In an FAQ on its site, Feedly says more features are coming soon and they'll be decided on by premium users themselves, who will get to vote on what features they'd like developed next. The company also says that it will continue to add more features to its free offering as well, noting that "Feedly Pro makes us more sustainable and enables us to innovate faster."

If you're already a devout Feedly user, the company has a special offer valid for 5,000 users: pay $99 and get lifetime access to its Pro features. The company is also giving all users a cooling-off period, letting you cancel your Pro membership within a week without incurring a fee.

Update: Feedly has announced that all 5,000 slots of the lifetime membership have been filled. The company notes that it is "using the funds to buy the hardware necessary to launch feedly pro in a few weeks."