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NFL's new unified mobile app is just as fragmented as ever

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superbowl stock 1024

The NFL is rolling out a new NFL Mobile app today for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices in time for the new football season. As All Things D reports, the unified app will offer highlight clips, scores, news, and other information, replacing the league's various apps across different platforms. But not everyone will get the same experience.

The NFL Mobile app will be free to everyone, but customers with Verizon smartphones, who have previously been able to watch live NFL streams for a $5 monthly fee, will continue to have exclusive access the content. The $5 fee also bags you NFL Network and NFL RedZone content. What it won't get you access to is every game: games from ESPN and NBC will stream without issue, but the Sunday afternoon games that belong to CBS and Fox will come to mobile via company-specific streams that won't be accessible through the NFL's app.

The exclusive Verizon deal also doesn't include tablets, as tablet licenses revolve around cable companies. Time Warner Cable customers, for example, will get the Thursday night games for free, as well as access to NFL RedZone and the NFL Network. What they won't get, are and NBC or ESPN games. It's a horrifically complicated situation, and not one that the NFL can solve with a simple app. Especially, as the Wall Street Journal reports, when the entire licensing situation is set to change in just twelve months time.