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Cannabis found growing in public flower pots in UK

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cannabus (credit: Wales Online)
cannabus (credit: Wales Online)

Unusual would be one way to describe it: more than 20 cannabis plants have been spotted growing in public decorations around the city center of Newport, Wales. Discovered by a pair of local shopkeepers, the leafy greens were described as "rather a beautiful plant [that] stood out wonderfully." Wales Online managed to capture photos of the cannabis growing in among the petunias and begonias of Newport's flower pots, however the illegal greenery was all gone by the time the local council had come out to investigate.

Various theories about the cannabis' presence in the flower pots have been advanced, from the unlikely scenario of the pots' compost containing the seeds to the far more probable postulation of it being a green-fingered act of fun. Whatever the reason, the Newport city council is taking the case seriously enough to alert the police and review CCTV footage to try and identify the perpetrator.