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Jupiter's swirling gases make for a beautiful earthly delight

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jupiter cake
jupiter cake

It may call for some creative liberties, but culinary recreations of celestial objects are arguably among the more readily enjoyable ways to learn a little astronomy. With the aim of adding a little flavor to a lesson plan, Cakecrumbs has put together baked interpretations of Jupiter and the earth, aiming to accurately represent the internal composition and external looks of both planets.


Jupiter's baked model replaces its rock and ice core with mud cake, and swaps its outer layers of liquid metallic hydrogen and molecular hydrogen for concentric layers of almond and dyed sponge cake. The earth underwent a similar translation, topped off with a chocolate buttercream to take place of the crust. The swirling gases on Cakecrumbs' Jupiter may not be ready for exhaustive study, but it's not a bad look for the Great Red Spot.