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Photographer rappels down skyscrapers to capture a unique view of Paris

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Carlos Ayesta vertical architecture
Carlos Ayesta vertical architecture

There's plenty of good architecture photography around, but Carlos Ayesta has put quite a unique spin on his work. Ayesta's "vertical architecture" photos are shot while scaling down the side of buildings in Paris, providing an unusual and striking close-up view of his subjects. Many of his images show both the intimate interiors of the building he's scaling down as well as more traditional cityscape views, all in the same image. "I can take pictures of hidden things. No-one on the ground or on top of the buildings can see what I see," Ayesta said to Dezeen. According to Ayesta's official site, he's just as interested in showing off "men and women simply living and working" alongside the majestic high-rise shots of what the city looks like from 20 floors up. Along with the quick interview, Dezeen is also featuring a large gallery of Ayesta's work, and you can see more of it on his official site.