The One TW feature to rule them all?


Before the topic is trashed, I also have a genuine question that I would like answers to here.

I know a lot of people here hate TouchWiz. While I am personally pretty objective, over the course of three years, I have come to realise that whenever I switch from TW to stock (Usually by the virtue of switching ROMs) I feel I am missing something, and it is just not animations.

There is a certain je ne sais quoi about TW that I think grows on you over time. I would not want to use a phone (at least a Samsung one sans TW). There are two things I really like about TW. One is the way it deals with notifications. This feature can however be replicated using thirdparty apps.

It is the other feature that I really love which I would love to have your help with. TW has this cool feature called clipboard. (Exactly like what we have in MS Office) This clipboard feature stores anything that you have copied (images, text, et al) and allows you to paste what you want. It also allows you to lock-in a few frequently used items in the clipboard.

Here comes the catch. This features only works in TW apps. Messaging. Browser and a few other apps that are baked in with TW. Is there any other app that can do the same and work across all the apps?

Also, is there any TouchWiz feature that you particularly like? (Like the excellent features Samsung seems to bake into the camera app?)