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'SimCity' coming to OS X August 29th

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After being bumped from its original June 11th release date, SimCity is now due to arrive on OS X August 29th. Electronic Arts announced the finalized date today after pushing the game back two months ago. "We want to ensure the Mac is a great experience for our players and that is why we are taking more time," the publisher said then. Indeed, EA has needed plenty of time and numerous updates to improve upon SimCity for PC, which was quickly overrun with network issues and stability problems when it launched in March.

The title's sixth update patch went live just last week, bringing with it improvements and a new region for building called Granite Lake. Cross-platform multiplayer means you'll be able to design towns with a friend on PC come August 29th. Best of all, for existing owners of the Windows version, a free Mac download will be made available through Origin.