Director Edgar Wright had a great time at this year’s Comic-Con — but there was one thing he wasn't able to do. “It was the first Comic-Con where I did not go on the convention floor. It was kind of sad,” he says, almost wistfully. “Especially because the only time I had off was like, lunchtime on Saturday, which is when it has achieved critical mass.”

Simon Pegg pushes his phone across the table, showing off a photo of a man wearing a Boba Fett helmet. “That’s me on the convention floor. I walked around perfectly fine for about an hour, and had my little fill... and then came back.” Did he reveal his identity to anyone? “I said to myself, ‘If I see somebody dressed as Shaun of the Dead, I’ll take them aside.’ Because I knew there were a few walking around. But I didn’t.”

“Just hop into Slave I, and you’re outta there,” Nick Frost deadpans. “He came and showed me what he was dressed as. And I said, ‘As soon as I shut this door, I’m going to tweet what you’re wearing.’”