In the realm of nerdy board and card games, two names stand taller than the rest. Dungeons & Dragons has been the de facto pen-and-paper role playing game for decades, while Magic: The Gathering is easily the most well-known collectible card game in existence. They're pretty different games, but in spite of this the team at developer Blue Manchu Games decided to combine them into an experience you can play in a browser — and the crazy thing is that it works. Card Hunter is an addictive blend of Magic and D&D that manages to scratch a particular itch for anyone longing for the feel of a 12-sided die.

The basic setup will be familiar if you've played any RPG, whether it required a pen and some paper or included the words "final" and "fantasy." It's all about the journey. You manage a team of three would-be adventurers, traveling across a vast map, taking on quests, and battling monsters. Your characters will level up and become stronger, learn new abilities, and gain access to new weapons and armor. The trappings are familiar, but it's the way Card Hunter plays that makes it feel unique.