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FreedomPop offers 500MB of free LTE a month, upgrades to Sprint's faster 4G network

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Sprint LTE MiFi
Sprint LTE MiFi

FreedomPop is a mobile network operator with a pretty crazy business model. You buy the wireless hotspot or USB dongle, and they provide the internet for free: 500MB of free data every month, with no contracts, activation or cancellation fees. The network was the catch — FreedomPop originally piggybacked on Sprint's WiMAX network, which is generally smaller and slower than the competition. Hopefully, that catch will be shortlived. Today FreedomPop will begin offering the very same service on Sprint's faster, more capable LTE network.

For now, LTE service will start with a single device, the $150 FreedomSpot 5580, a Novatel Wireless device more commonly known as the Sprint MiFi 500 LTE which lasts up to 10 hours on a charge. FreedomPop claims users will see average speeds of 6 to 8 megabits per second, and peak speeds of up to 25Mbps on the new network.

FreedomPop tells us it also has more LTE devices on the way, and should also launch its Freedom Phone service before long. "The Freedom Phone will launch very soon — right around the Labor Day timeframe," a rep told The Verge.