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Philips LightStrips and Bloom are colorful, programmable LEDs you control with your smartphone

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Philips Hue Lightstrip
Philips Hue Lightstrip

Philips is set to expand its range of programmable LED Hue lights with the launch of new customizable LightStrips and Bloom bulbs. The flexible LightStrips come in two-meter lengths and are designed to be placed around frames or to accentuate fixtures in the home. The Bloom is a portable lamp and features a 120 lumen LED bulb that highlights specific places or objects in a room. Both products have been available in different forms but Philips has integrated the ZigBee LightLink wireless standard and incorporated them into the Hue family. This means you can control them using your mobile device and customize their color, intensity, and decide when and how long they stay on for.

A source tells The Verge that the two products will go on sale in Apple Stores and on Apple's online store in the coming weeks, with the LightStrips costing $89.95 and the Bloom priced at $79.95. Philips does display the LightStrips on its German website but does not provide links to purchase them. Both products use Philips' LED technology, outputting more than 16 million colors whilst remaining energy efficient. In order to add LightStrips or the Bloom to your home, you will require the Philips Hue wireless bridge, which comes as part of the $199.95 starter pack and includes three programmable LED bulbs. We have contacted Philips and Apple for clarification on when the new Hue lights will become available and will update the article accordingly.