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Ultralight electric airplane can be yours for less than $40K

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espyder official
espyder official

A company called Greenwing International is selling an ultralight electric airplane, and it costs more than $10,000 less than a Tesla Model S. The plane is called the eSpyder, and for $39,900 (€34,990 in Europe), it will keep you airborne for an hour and a half — plenty of time to marvel at the magic of human flight as you soar, noiselessly, across the countryside.

13KWh battery pack can fully recharge in two to three hours

The plane weighs just 410 pounds, measures just under 20 feet from nose to tail, and has a 33-foot wingspan. If you’re aiming to hit the aforementioned 90-minute flight time target you’ll only be crusing at 38mph, but step on the throttle and the 32hp Yuntec motor can nearly double that. At the maximum speed of 68mph, however, you’ll only get an hour in the air. After you’ve safely returned to the ground, the 13KWh battery pack can fully recharge in two to three hours.

Buyers in Europe will get the full aircraft already assembled, but US customers will receive their eSpyders as kits; Wired writes that there are no specifications for electric vehicles in the FAA’s requirements for light sport aircraft. Quantities are limited, though — Greenwing is only taking 25 eSpyder orders in Europe and 25 in the US, although it is aiming to ship the planes by the end of this year. If you’re intrigued by the possibility of owning your own electric aircraft, check out the videos below for footage shot from an airborne eSpyder.