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Sony expands Vita streaming support and improves icon visuals

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ps vita home screen bubbles
ps vita home screen bubbles

If you've been waiting for better streaming support and improved visuals on your PlayStation Vita, Sony's latest update has you covered. In firmware version 2.6, the company has tweaked the UI, made it easier to access saved game data on PlayStation Plus, and opened up new ways to toggle networking options. Sony has finally softened its circular content bubbles with antialiasing and has also introduced a new control screen — similar to Android toggles and Apple's Control Center in iOS 7 — which allows gamers to manage Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G settings simply by holding the PS button.

Vita owners can now stream content directly from connected devices, including the PlayStation 3 or PC, no longer requiring videos or music to be saved locally first. Overall, Sony has focused mainly on improving the media capabilities of the Vita ahead of the launch of the PlayStation 4, scheduled for the end of the year. Sony's next-gen console is set to breathe new life into the handheld after it pledged to make every standard PS4 game playable on the Vita using Remote Play streaming functionality. For the full list of new features included in today's new Vita update, head over to Sony's support site.