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Skype for Windows Phone updated with filters and UI changes, still no Video Messages support

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Skype Windows Phone 8 stock
Skype Windows Phone 8 stock

Microsoft is updating its Skype for Windows Phone app on Tuesday, adding performance improvements and tweaks to the UI. The home screen has been changed into a pivot design to let users swipe between recent, favorites, and contacts. Skype has also changed the size of contact tiles and generally cleaned up the UI a little so it's more consistent with the Windows 8 version. The 2.9 update also adds the ability to filter out Windows Phone contacts or just Skype contacts in the people list.

Unfortunately there's still no support to send Skype Video Messages, a feature that's been available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry users for almost two months. While Windows Phone Skype users can receive short video clips in Skype, they're still unable to send them to contacts or leave the messages instead of voicemails. We've reached out to Microsoft to confirm when this feature will be added to the Windows Phone client, and we'll update you accordingly.

Update: A Microsoft spokesperson says "Windows Phone users can already receive and view Video Messages. We will inform you if we add send capability at a later date."