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Watch Stephen Colbert rip into MTV for stealing Daft Punk

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Colbert Daft
Colbert Daft

After he'd spent nearly a week hyping a rare television performance by Daft Punk, Stephen Colbert was abruptly told Monday afternoon that the duo wouldn't be appearing on his show. Contractual obligations with MTV were blamed for the last minute cancellation. Comedy Central parent Viacom — which also owns MTV — suddenly found two of its networks tussling over Daft Punk's first TV appearance since the release of their hit album Random Access Memories. (MTV even reported on the planned Colbert performance.)

In the end, the musicians apparently chose a "surprise" performance at MTV's Video Music Awards over The Colbert Report. As you might expect, Colbert was none too happy with the situation on last night's episode. Aside from ruining MTV's big moment, he also set his sights on company head Van Toffler. In the end, the host made the best of the circumstances and still managed to deliver some surprises, which you'll see in the second clip below.

Note: If you're outside the US, odds are you'll be unable to watch the embedded videos.

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