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Google begins rollout of Android Device Manager to help track your lost phone

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Android Device MAnager
Android Device MAnager

Google's answer to Find My iPhone is finally here. Announced less than a week ago, some users have already begun receiving access to the all-new Android Device Manager. The Verge has been able to confirm that the service works just as Google advertised; it located a Nexus 4 within seconds, giving us options to ring the device or, barring any chance of retrieval wipe its contents completely. The map says its indicated location is accurate to within 24 meters (roughly 78 feet) — a figure that's more than respectable in skyscraper-laden Manhattan. Unfortunately there's no way to send a message to your missing device just yet, a handy feature we hope to see Google add in short order. When it reaches all users, Android Device Manager will be compatible with Android hardware running version 2.2 of the OS and above.