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Instagram 4.1 adds ability to import video, automatically straighten iOS photos

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instagram video
instagram video

Instagram was caught behind Vine in adding video to its massively popular app, but today it's attempting to leap ahead with one big feature: video importing. Until now, both apps have required users to record clips in the moment — you couldn't include previously saved videos in your Vine or Instagram feed. Now you'll be able to selectively pick up to 15 seconds of content from any clip in your camera roll. Of course, phones don't natively record video in Instagram's preferred square form, so the company is adding a similar cropping tool to what it's long offered for photos. And speaking of video, Instagram has expanded Android support for the feature to include devices running version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

On the iOS side of things, Instagram has also added auto straightening functionality for uploaded pictures. The company claims it has "developed a brand new technology" that will correct crooked horizons in your shots. A slider tool brings the same capability to photos you're importing from elsewhere.