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Google Play Music All Access comes to the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand

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Google Play Music (STOCK)
Google Play Music (STOCK)

It's been a few months since Google launched its Play Music All Access service, the company's answer to Spotify, Xbox Music, or Rdio, and now it's making its way out to countries besides the US. According to Google's service availability page, All Access is now available in the UK plus eight additional countries across Europe (including Spain, France, and Italy), Australia, and New Zealand. Just as it did when it launched in the US, Google is offering discounted pricing for early adopters — if you sign up before September 15th, it'll cost €7.99 (or £7.99 in the UK), otherwise the price will jump up to €9.99 / £9.99. Otherwise, functionality should be identical to All Access in the US — you can stream music from Google's catalog on any Android device or through your web browser, and everything lives alongside any music you've uploaded to the cloud. Unfortunately, there's still no sign of the promised Google Music iOS app — Apple users will have to be patient for now.