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Lady Gaga gets naked to boost Marina Abramovic's Kickstarter art project

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lady gaga hugging a crystal
lady gaga hugging a crystal

With 17 days remaining, world famous performance artist Marina Abramović has over $370,000 to raise if her Kickstarter museum is to become a reality. While many crowdfunded projects find it difficult to achieve their ambitious goals, Abramović has deployed a secret weapon to help her reach the target — Lady Gaga.

In a video promoting the project, the singer appears naked in a forest demonstrating the Abramović Method, a meditative technique designed to cleanse the practitioner of "worldly influences." The method forms part of the experience at the planned Marina Abramović Institute (MAI) in New York, which will provide a platform for artists and host other art-related initiatives.

Warning: The video below contains full-frontal nudity and is not safe for work.