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T-Mobile keeps improving with 1.1 million new customers, increased revenues

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T-Mobile has just released its financial results for Q2 and it looks like the new "Uncarrier" strategy is paying off. The fourth-place mobile operator scooped up 1.1 million net new customers, more than half of which signed up for T-Mobile's own postpaid phone service. T-Mobile says it’s the strongest growth it’s had in four years, representing a big turnaround from its net customer loss of 205,000 a year ago.

Naturally, revenue is up as well — 27.5 percent year-over-year, primarily thanks to the addition of MetroPCS, T-Mobile says. And as you might guess from its marketing, average revenue per user (ARPU) for T-Mobile’s own branded postpaid service is down, sinking 6.5 percent year-over-year to $53.60. That’s what happens when you position yourself as a low-cost carrier; in comparison, AT&T managed to increase postpaid ARPU in the latest quarter.

In other T-Mobile news, the company says it now has LTE service in 116 metro areas covering some 157 million people, beating its own goal of getting to 100 million people by the end of the quarter. So far, things look good — it’s still too early to see what kind of impact its Jump early-replacement program will have on the company's bottom line, but T-Mobile’s decision to undercut AT&T and Verizon on price seems to be paying off in the form of new customers and higher total revenues.