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Aereo will go live in Miami, Houston, and Dallas this September

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aereo stock
aereo stock

Aereo continues to push forward its aggressive 2013 expansion plan — the company has just announced that the streaming TV service will be live in Miami, Houston, and Dallas in September. Miami is up first and will be active as of September 2nd, Houston follows on September 16th, and Dallas rounds out the launch on September 23rd. The controversial service, which continutes to fight legal battles with the networks it provides, currently operates across all of New York City and much of the surrounding metropolitan area as well Boston and Atlanta. In addition to these three newly-announced cities, Aereo is also coming to Chicago on September 13th, making it quite the busy month for the company. As before, Aereo's offering a free month of service to potential new customers. It's an aggressive month, but it's the kind of launch schedule the company will need if it still intends to hit all 22 new cities it promised at the beginning of the year.