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Batman is YouTube's favorite superhero

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dark knight rises_640
dark knight rises_640

This might not rank as the greatest achievement in Batman's storied career, but the dark knight of Gotham has earned the distinction of being the most sought-after superhero on YouTube. Raking in three billion views and over 71,000 hours of video watched, Bruce Wayne's alter-ego reigns supreme among comic book protagonists. Thor and Superman occupy the next two slots, while Deadpool manages to sneak in at number 10.

Much like the superheroes it's concerned with, YouTube's list suffers from some internal conflicts. Prime among them is the effect of recent movie releases on viewer interest — a chart posted by Google's video service illustrates the spikes in searches that occur around the time of a new blockbuster release. Then there's also the fact that tie-in video games — such as Rocksteady's Arkham Asylum and Arkham City — generate additional interest through gameplay videos and tips. Those might be the reasons we're seeing the Avengers and Justice League on a list painfully deprived of the glories of the Flash.

Deadpool sneaks in at number 10Additionally, as evidenced by the popularity of the Bane freestyle video below, at least partial credit for Batman's success must be given to his supporting cast. And if that's not troubling enough, Warner Bros plans to release a Batman vs. Superman film in 2015. How do you split up the audience when two of America's favorite good guys share the screen?